Arlo is a useful app for those who use security cameras in their house and at work. Using this type of apps helps you access and monitor your camera even from afar.  Of course, you can use Arlo from your Windows computer.Since the Arlo is not PC friendly, you need Android emulators to have the Arlo app for pc.

Arlo App for PC

What Do You Know About Arlo for PC?

Arlo is a smartphone app developed by NETGEAR that helps you take control of the P2P camera and monitor the camera. With Arlo, you can easily change camera mode, access camera feed, monitor your house or office real-time remotely, and much more. This camera application requires to access your wifi network to perform correctly on your device. The app also comes with a motion detector, when it senses any movement inside the footage, it will inform you immediately. Moreover, you can also screenshot your footages and manage multiple DVRs without any issue. With Arlo, users can easily manage their IPC and DVR accounts with the IPZ control.

Though the camera application is available primarily for smartphone users, there are several methods to use it on your Windows computer.

What Are the Main Benefits of Using Arlo app for PC?

These features are not the limited functions of Arlo. In fact, the company is constantly updating and improving itself to betterment your user-experience.

  1. Video monitoring feature with audio and motion detection
  2. A great free application for Arlo camera users
  3. You get a premium grade camera and access clear audio and video pictures with it.
  4. Arlo app helps you set up multiple Arlo apps in one go
  5. The advanced audio detection instantly informs you when it hears a loud noise in your home
  6. If any activity happens in front of your camera, the app informs you about it
  7. You can easily install Arlo on your smartphone
  8. It comes with a great casual user-interface to help you operate your cameras easily
  9. High-quality video and audios
  10. You can easily keep an eye on your house and office even when you are away

Apart from these features, Arlo has added some new features to the application.

Arlo App for PC
  1. You can chat with Arlo customer service team to clear your doubts about their products
  2. You can capture a screenshot of your live video footages
  3. Better video recommendation options will appear on-screen when you live stream your videos
  4. Not even for living things, Arlo can detect motions of objects as well
  5. IPC managing system available into the automation
  6. DVR auto support feature along with custom functions have been made optional or not needed at all
  7. The IPZ feature pushes away settings issues
  8. Video quality is available in HD up to 1080 screen resolution
  9. If you switch it to the pro version, there are many other features available for you.

How to Download Arlo App for Pc?

The deveopers of Arlo App are yet to come up with a PC or mac version of the app. So for downloading Arlo app, you need to download android emulators.

An android emulator is a tool that makes your computer a suitable place for Android applications. And after installing this tool on your PC, you can easily install any Android application you want. However, you will have to pick the right emulator that would support your system.

How to pick an Android Emulator?

When you are looking for emulators, you will find various options on the internet. However, not all of them work like charm. You will have to watch out their users’ reviews, system requirements, speed, and other similar things before installing an emulator.

Use Bluestacks for Arlo App for PC

The most popular Android emulator out there is BlueStacks. It comes with great speed, fantastic graphics support, and great customization. Many gamers, use this emulator. But you can also run an android app on your Windows with the help of it. That is because viewing videos on a bigger screen of your computer makes access easier. Moreover, BlueStacks comes with a wide range of video shortcuts that help you switch between the feeds easily. Set hotkeys for your cameras. When you press those keys from your keyboard, the video will appear on-screen.Here are the steps you can easily install Arlo app for pc with Bluestacks.

  1. Download Bluestacks from the official website
  2. Following the on-screen instructions to install the tool on your computer
  3. Then launch the application and sign in to your Google account
  4. Open Google Play Store
  5. After downloading, run the Arlo app on your computer using BlueStacks
Arlo App for PC

Use NoxPlayer for Arlo App for PC

NoxPlayers is other great Android emulator. Many users use this emulator to play Android games on PC. And like BlueStacks, it supports high-quality video streams and audios. When you access your camera on a bigger screen, you are able to view every object more closely. Moreover, you can set up hotkeys to switch between multiple cameras feeds.

Have a look at how to use NoxPlayer to install Arlo on Windows.

  1. Download NoxPlayer for free from their official website
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your PC
  3. Sign in to your Google account
  4. Open Play Store in the app
  5. Search for Arlo in the Playstore
  6. Install and launch the application

How Does Arlo Perform on PC?

Arlo app runs smoothly on smartphones, making it easy-to-use to the users so that they can manage their cameras. Furthermore, it works even better on a bigger screen. Here are the things you can do with the Arlo App for PC-

Link Multiple Cameras

The most important feature of this app is its ability to add multiple cameras. When you are using it on your computer, this feature works the best. On your small smartphone screen, you may not be able to view all the feeds at once. But larger screens provide better support for this feature. You can easily add the cameras and the videos too pop up fast.

Motion and Audio Alert

It detects the motion of an object or persons and also alerts you of noise. When something happens, it shows you a notification on your laptop. Though some users complained not receiving a notification on their PC, it happens rarely.

Set an Alarm

When you see someone entering your door, you can set off an alarm and let the person know that you are keeping an eye on them. Your camera will produce a sound that will either scare the intruder away or encourage him that he is not alone in the house.

Moreover, with Arlo app for pc, you can record videos and audios to access them later. This feature works great both on Android and on computers. Even, you can set up a doorbell from the camera that works well with the Arlo app.


Does Arlo have a PC app?

NO. it does not have a PC app, but you can access it on PC through this URL: .

Can I view my Arlo cameras on my PC?

Yes. To do so, open this URL, and log in with your personal credentials.

Is there an Arlo app for Windows 10?

NO. You can use this URL: 

Do you have to pay a monthly fee for Arlo?

You can pay monthly or annually. Monthly subscription costs $9.99 for upto  10 cameras, and yearly subscription costs $99. However the base service cost remains free

Why is Arlo offline?

Arlo shows offline in case any change in internet connection or router is made, or sometimes if the battery is not fixed  in correct direction.  To resume normal operation, press and release the Sync button on Base station.

Can I connect Arlo to my TV?

A: Yes, it is possible to connect  Arlo with Smart TV. For other TVs direct connection is not an option, but video can be sent from another device and played on TV.

Does Arlo work without WiFi?

Yes, you don’t need wifi for Arlo.

How far can the Arlo camera be from the base station?

Maximum 300 feet away from base station.

All of these features of Arlo work well on both of the device platforms. And once you connect it with your PC, it works more efficiently. With just a few simple steps, you can easily enjoy its features on your computer. In case you know any other way to install Arlo app for PC, let us know in the comment box below and we’ll get right back!

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