*Free* Activate Windows XP Product Key

Windows XP is still in use across the globe because of its easy user interafce. People who face challenges with technology use this version of Windows. However they have to keep up with the technology, therefore Microsoft needs to update the windows, which they stopped in 2011. Though you can activate the windows XP on your system, you will need to have windows XP product key, it is easily available online. Windows XP product key can be purchased from offline and online stores or used for free if you know the sites that provide free activation keys.

*Free* Activate Windows XP Product Key

Windows XP Operating System

Windows XP is one of the most easy-to-use versions of Windows. It first came out in 2001 and after its release, people have started to use it widely. However, since 2011, Microsoft has stopped supporting XP. So, if you are going to install the OS on your computer, don’t expect any latest updates from the Microsoft team. And if you are using the version for a long time, you can use it without updating. But sometimes security threats can come up, that can not be prevented by using the old versions of windows.

You cannot use an activation key to update Windows XP. But if you have already installed the product, an activation key will help you activate XP on your PC.

Is an Activation Key Important to Install Windows XP?

It depends on the Windows XP digital license, there are two types of licensing agreements:

  • VOL (Volume Licensing for Organization
  • VLK (Volume Licensing Key)

If you have bought a Windows copy as a DVD or CD and there is “VOL” written at the back of the DVD, you won’t require a product key to activate your subscription. You can easily install a copy of Windows XP and don’t need to provide any product key.

However,if instead of VOL, there is VLK written at the back of your Windows copy then you have a retail card of the Windows version. And to install this product, you will need to provide a valid and genuine windows XP product key.

Where to Find the Windows XP Product Key?

When you purchase the Windows copy from an offline store, then you will find an activation code written at the back of your Windows retail card. And to make sure if your Windows copy is genuine or not, try to locate the serial key. On the other hand, when you purchase the product from Microsoft store directly, they send the purchase receipt and activation key in your email. So in this way, you can easily use that to activate your installed Windows product.

You cannot locate your Windows XP activation key manually. But the below methods may help in your situation.

Use a Windows Key Finder Program

If you are searching for a Windows activation key, the best way to do is by using a free key finder program from the web. However, first, you need to install a copy of Windows on your computer. And after booting your system, follow these instructions:

  1. Download a Windows Key finder
  2. And install the program on your Windows Xp
  3. Launch and run the application
  4. Then click on the “Find Serial Number” button
  5. Now key finder will show the Windows XP serial number on your monitor
  6. Take a note of the serial number and write it down somewhere safe

If you can’t install a key finder due to any reason, you can certainly use a free Windows key.

Do I Need an XP 32-bit or 64-bit Activation key

Depending on your Windows CPU’s architecture, you can use a Windows XP serial key. Windows XP comes with both of the Windows bits. If your CPU’s processor is 32-bit, then you will have to install a 32-bit operating system. Similarly, 64-bit OS for 64-bit. You can follow the below steps to find out which of the Windows Operating systems bit you have-

  1. Hit the Start button
  2. Open the System menu from the Start menu
  3. Find Computer and right-click on it
  4. Open Properties
  5. Open the System Tab
  6. Your Windows System type will now appear in this tab
  7. From this screen, find out which version of Windows your computer is using currently

Free Windows XP Product Key 32-bit







Free Windows XP Product Key 64-bit




Steps for Using Windows XP Professional Product Keys

Take one free Windows XP product key from above and follow these steps to activate your Windows-

  1. Hit the Start button
  2. Find Computer and right-click on it
  3. Open Properties
  4. Click on the Windows Activation option from the button
  5. Here you will find an option to activate your Windows professional
  6. Tap on the option and enter a product key you have found
  7. Now the activation wizard will start completing the activation process
*Free* Activate Windows XP Product Key

After the process is successfully over, go ahead and reboot your computer.

Steps to Change a Windows XP Product Key

After installing your Windows XP system, if you want to change your product key, you can perform the steps given in this section.

  1. Hit start and search for the Run box by typing Run
  2. A small dialogue box will appear at the bottom of your desktop, type “Regedit” in the empty field
  3. Now the registry editor will appear
  4. Navigate to the path Hkey_Local_machine\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents
  5. Right-click on OOBETimer, click on Modify to see the registry key
  6. A value will appear on-screen
  7. You can change the digits and hit OK to save the changes
  8. Click Start
  9. Open the Run box
  10. Type “%systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe/a” in the empty field
  11. Hit Enter
  12. Now a screen will appear before you where you will see a written message, “Let’s activate Windows”
  13. Choose “Yes, I want to telephone a customer service representative to active Windows”
  14. Now, you can change your Windows XP product key
  15. Follow the on-screen prompts
  16. Type your new product key
  17. Now restart your computer

After performing these steps carefully, restart your system. The new key will be now activated on your system.

Activating Windows XP without a Serial Key

Sometimes finding a working activation key and using it takes lot of time. So, in that case, you can use the steps below to activate Windows XP without a serial key.

  1. Hit the Start icon
  2. Open Run
  3. Enter “Regedit” in the Run box
  4. Now the registry editor will appear
  5. Expend the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE entry
  6. Open SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows NT > CurrentVersion > WPAEvents from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
  7. In the WPAEvents registry entry, there is the OOBETimer option
  8. To change the value of it, you will have to double-click on it
  9. Delete all the values and enter new values: FF D5 71 D6 8B 6A 8D 6F D5 33 93 FD
  10. Click OK
  11. Right-click on WPAEvents
  12. Select Permissions
  13. From the new Permissions window, click on SYSTEM
  14. Click on “Deny Full Control“
  15. Click on OK
  16. Then, click on Yes
  17. Close the registry editor
  18. Restart your computer
  19. When your computer starts again, click on the Windows button
  20. And Open the run box
  21. Enter “%system” in the run box
  22. Your Windows XP will be now activated without a product key


Does Windows Xp need a product key? 

If you have bought a Windows copy as a DVD or CD and there is “VOL” written at the back of the DVD. And in that case, you won’t require a product key to activate your subscription. You can simply install a copy of Windows XP and don’t need to provide any product key. However, instead of VOL, there is VLK written at the back of your Windows copy then you have a redtail card of the Windows version. And to install this product, you will need to provide a valid and genuine product key.

Is Windows XP license free? 

There is a version of Windows XP which Microsoft is providing for “free” (here meaning that you don’t have to pay independently for a copy of it). The catch is that you must have a Windows 7 or Windows 8 license that is covered under the program.

Is Windows XP faster than Windows 10?

No, Windows XP is slower than Windows 10.

How to create a bootable USB for Windows XP?

  1. Go to the Windows XP SP3 ISO download page.
  2. Select the language from the drop-down menu and click the big red Download button.
  3. Download a free programme such as ISOtoUSB to burn the image to a pen drive. There are a lot of apps that let you do this and you can use any of these. We found ISOtoUSB easy to use and light, so we picked it over others.
  4. Install ISOtoUSB on your computer and open it.
  5. Click Browse and select the downloaded Windows XP ISO file.
  6. Plug in a pen drive with at least 1GB free space to your computer. All data on this pen drive will be erased so make sure you have a backup.
  7. In ISOtoUSB, select the pen drive from the drop-down menu.
  8. Click the checkbox next to Bootable
  9. Click Burn.
  10. When the process is complete, a bootable Windows XP USB drive will be ready.

Is there a 64 bit Windows XP?

Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, released on April 25, 2005, is an edition of Windows XP for x86-64 personal computers. It is designed to use the expanded 64-bit memory address space provided by the x86-64 architecture.

Ways to deal with an old Windows XP computer:- 

  • Upgrade it to Windows 7,8 or 10. 
  • Switch to Linux
  • Convert it to a dedicated server of a kind like your personal cloud device.
  • Build a media server
  • Convert into home security hub
  • Make it a gaming server. 

Can Windows Xp be updated to Windows 10?


Do any browsers still support windows xp? 

Yes, browsers like UC, Baidu Spark, Epic privacy, K meleon and Mozilla Firefox can still be best for Windows XP.

The keys provided here are genuine and 100% working. Though we would not recommend you to use Windows XP as it does not receive any update and is vulnerable to malicious activities on the web. It is an obsolete version and it fails to compete with technology.

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